Remote Vehicles
  • Topographic survey and mapping with UAV technology SENSEFLY EBEE PLUS, operating in DGPS RTK and PPK positioning mode, consists of an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), a remotely controlled aerial vehicle carrying a special camera for photogrammetric pictures acquisition, covering an area of 1 sqKm in a 50 minutes long flight.

    For mapping purposes over small areas, Multi-rotor UAV are available, equipped with Velodyne laserscanner, Appalnix AP15 inertial platform and positioning system. This solution is ideal to acquire cloudpoints to obtain very detailed DSM or models, also over surfaces with trees and vegetation.

  • Bathymetric and geophysical survey from USV. The CODEVINTEC CK14 (equipped with autonomous positioning system and autopilot) is an innovative USV (Unmanned SurfaceVehicle), a remotely controlled vessel that can navigate with several payloads:

    • MBES system Norbit IWBMS, with inertial platform Applanix POS MV
    • DGPS RTK TOPCON with singlebeam echosounder TRITECH PA500
    • DGPS RTK TOPCON with currentmeter ADCP RIO Grande
    • Mobile laserscanner solution Velodyne, with inertial platform Applanix AP15

    The navigation and piloting of the USV are available with standard RC controller or directly from office with GPRS 4G link. Rawdata from sensors are acquired directly in Teledyne PDS, an hydrographic suite that can also manage autopilot, setup routes, runlines and waypoint, making this USV a fully autonomous bathymetric solution.