• Nearshore bathymetric survey (highest resolution technology) with Multibeam Swath Sonar System. The system, installed on precalibrated hydrographic boat, is fully operative on seabed depth from 0,6m to 100m, acquiring upto 400 points per squared meter in a 5m deep watercolumn. RESON 7125/8125 are also equipped with SideScan Sonar processor for backscatter recording and mapping.

  • Nearshore bathymetric survey (wide coverage technology) with Wide Swath Multibeam System:
    • ITER BATHYSWATH 1 468 kHz Multibeam System applying interferometer technology, acquires bathymetric and Side Scan Sonary imagery at the same time
    • Norbit iWBMS (Integrated WideBand Multibeam System) is all-in-one tightly integrated broadband Multibeam turnkey solution that offers high resolution bathymetry over a wide swath and Applanix Pos MV Wavemaster II GNSS/Inertial Navigation System embedded into the unit. This system can also be installed in our Unmanned Surface Vessel CK14 and operate as state-of-art autonomous bathymetric solution
    • Norbit WBMS (WideBand Multibeam System) offers high resolution for a portable system and can be installed on any surface vessel or ROV
      The MBES are deployed on precalibrated hydrographic boat and fully operative on seabed depth from 0,6m to 100m, for high resolution depth data acquisition and DTM realization of the seabed.

  • Nearshore bathymetric survey (quickly transportable technology) with Singlebeam Echosounding System. Our systems (ODOM, SYQWEST, TRITECH) are operative at different frequencies on seabed depth from 0.3m to 350m. Integrated with latest technologies (Dynamic sensors, DGPS positioning, Sound Velocity probes along watercolumn), our systems are lightweight, portable and can be installed on any kind of boats or USV, resulting in an ideal system for worldwide hydrographic applications.
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