We offer the highest quality of surveys, using the latest equipment available and applying innovative solutions, supporting our Customers for all land and marine investigations and for new hydrographic applications.

To carry out our services, Te.Ma.snc apply only best equipment for data acquisition, realtime visualization, quality control and post processing.

We perform only high quality hydrographic surveys using our boats specifically adapted for high quality raw-data collection. Most of them are available for worldwide export in standard container or trailer.

We use only best hydrographic software (Hypack, PDS, Qinsy) available, to achieve best results and optimize realtime control of the rawdata acquisition. We use only advanced technologies to provide our customers the best results possible. We post-process and edit raw-data with most powerful softwares available, and we develop ourselves suitable processing tool for special applications, with our programming team.

We can also support our Customers in designing and developing customized special hydrographic applications and software.

We can provide our Clients the support of technicians owning FIG/IHO ICA “Hydrographic surveyor Category B” or FIG/IHO ICA “Hydrographic surveyor Category A”.

Our crew is made only by experienced personnel owning the most restrictive licence given by Italian Maritime Authorities.