Laser Scanner
  • Laser Scanner survey in static mode with ong range scanning technology(OPTECH Ilris-3D Hd) or interferometric technology (FARO Focus 3d).

    OPTECH Ilris-3D is an extremely valuable scanner in engineering, mining and industrial applications requiring a very high accuracy at distance upto 1 km.

    OPTECH Ilris-3D HD can operate at 10 kHz, that means 10.000 acquired points in a second, with an accuracy better than 8mm on resolving targets as far as 100m

    FARO Focus scanner is specifically designed for architectural application, interior of buildings survey or industrial layouts, where highest points density is required.

    Faro scanning technology is operative at 976 kHz, meaning 976.000 surveyed points in a second, with an accuracy of 10mm on a target as far as 30m.

  • Laser Scanner survey in dinamic mode with long-range technology (OPTECH Ilris-3D HD) integrated to inertial platform (APPLANIX Pos MV). The system, available on off-road vehicle, can collect a georeferenced cloudpoint with a density upto 80 points per squared meter on a target as far as 100m, while moving at a speed of 3m/s.

    tema laser scanner